FIXIO is an authorized service for the following products:

  • Motorola smartphones
  • Dell (Consumer and Business Client parts) - desktops, laptops, monitors, accessories
  • Dell (Enterprise and storage parts) - Power Edge Server, Storage, Data Domain, Networking, Azure Stack Hub, Power Store, Power Scale, VxRail, Modular Infrastructure, Unity
  • Lenovo laptops (Ideapad & Thinkpads), desktops (Ideacentre & Thinkcentre), tablets (Smart Devices), monitors, workstations, Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG - enterprise equipment)
  • Lexmark products (A3, A4 and printers)
  • Xerox (A3 and A4 printers and scanners)
  • Acronis - Tier 1 level of support for software backup licenses and physical and virtual environment protection
  • NJOY UPS and power supplies


What is an authorized service?

  • Authorized service is a service that is certified and approved by the manufacturer to perform repairs and servicing of one or more brands / series of devices of the manufacturer.
  • The authorized service has a service contract, signed with the manufacturer or its official importer, with the approval of the manufacturer.
  • The authorized service meets all the requirements of the manufacturer for quality of services, uses official spare parts, has passed all trainings and evaluation processes by the manufacturer that guarantee the necessary knowledge and experience in working with the manufacturer`s devices.


Why choose an authorized service?

  • Guaranteed quality by the manufacturer
    The authorized service guarantees you quality and expertise that are the result of strict adherence to the rules and operating procedures, imposed by the manufacturer.
    The FIXIO service center is under continuous monitoring and control by all manufacturers with whom we have concluded an authorization agreement.
    The technicians who are responsible for servicing certain devices, are subject to constant training, education and testing of their knowledge by the manufacturer, in order to always be familiar with the operation of the devices, all novelties and rules of operation and repair that guarantee users quality and timely service.
  • Respecting the benefits of the warranty
    Servicing a device under warranty in an authorized service center guarantees users respect and retention of all benefits provided by the manufacturer within the submitted warranty period.
    At the same time, according to the manufacturer`s warranty conditions, repair and servicing of a device under warranty, in an unauthorized service or by an unauthorized person leads to the cancellation of the warranty service (free repair).
  • Original spare parts
    Authorized service works with original spare parts, delivered or purchased from the manufacturer of the devices for which we have a signed authorization agreement.
    Original parts are provided only at a service center that is authorized to repair the appropriate device.